Product Code : JSS-2150
Brand : JRC
Location : DUBAI
Product Type : JSS-2150
Model : JSS-2150
Product Condition : New
GMDSS MF/HF Radio Telephone Unit,JRC Model:JSS-2150
  • USD 6,115
inclusive of the 5% VAT applicable to shipments within UAE and KSA


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GMDSS MF/HF Radio Telephone Unit,JRC Model:JSS-2150

Class: A
Built in
3.8 inch
Power output:

One set consisting of:-
1 x Transceiver NTD-2150 
2 x Coaxial Connector5JAAQ00005
1 x Controler NCM-2150 
1 x Handset NQW-261
1 x Controller Cable 7ZCJD0343
1 x Antenna Tuner NFC-2150 
1 x Control Cable 2663111173
1 x RF Cable 7ZCJD0045
1 x Installation Parts MPTG32066A
1 x Instruction Manual English
1 x AC/DC Amplifier NBD-2150
1 x Battery Charger, 10A NBB-714

Make: JRC, Japan

Our standard warranty period is 12 months from the date of Invoice.
  • Total Weight : 49.4 kg
  • Number Of Boxes: 5
  • Box:1 Weight: 13.8 kg
  • Box:1 Dimensions (cm): L53/W46/H30

  • Box:2 Weight: 5.2 kg
  • Box:2 Dimensions (cm): L46/W33/H33

  • Box:3 Weight: 5.4 kg
  • Box:3 Dimensions (cm): L52/W31/H22

  • Box;4 Weight: 12.2 kg
  • Box;4 Dimensions (cm): L53/W43/H17

  • Box:5 Weight: 12.8 kg
  • Box:5 Dimensions (cm): L58/W48/H17

Special Specifications


Output power 150W Display 3.8-inch LED backlit (320 by 240 pixels) Interface IEC61162-1 (GPS/AME/RMS) Transmitter output
1.6-4 MHz
DC: 100Wpx Transmitter output
4-27.5 MHz
DC: 150Wpx Power 21.6-31.2V DC
(optional power supply 90-132V AC, 180-264V AC) Consumption DC: TX ≤ 30A, RX ≤ 5A


DIMENSIONS JSS-2150 handset display dim

JSS-2150 antenna tuner dim

JSS-2150 tranceiver dim

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