Product Code : NCR-333
Brand : JRC
Location : DUBAI
Product Type : NCR-333
Model : NCR-333
Product Condition : New
jrc Navtex Receiver Unit , Complete set, Model:NCR-333
  • USD 1,040
inclusive of the 5% VAT applicable to shipments within UAE and KSA


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Tri-freq.: 490/518/4209,5 kHz

Display: 5.7 inch LCD
Font style: Selectable

1 Set consists of:-

-Main unit, NCR-333    
-Operation card    
-Screws,    MPTG31659    
-Warranty list,    H-7ZPJD0065    
-Coaxial cable,    H-7ZCJD0251    
-Instruction Manual
-Active Antenna, NAW-333

Model: NCR-333
Make: JRC, Japan

Our standard warranty period is 12 months from the date of Invoice.
  • Total Weight : 3.8 kg
  • Number Of Boxes: 2
  • Box:1 Weight: 2 kg
  • Box:1 Dimensions (cm): L33/W19/H23
  • Main unit, NCR-333 Operation card Screws, MPTG31659 Warranty list, H-7ZPJD0065 Coaxial cable, H-7ZCJD0251 Instruction Manual

  • Box:2 Weight: 1.8 kg
  • Box:2 Dimensions (cm): L68/W15/H7
  • Active Antenna , NAW-333

Special Specifications


Power supply 10.8V to 31.2V DC <9W

Receiving frequency 518 kHz, 490 kHz, 4209.5 kHz

Receiving modulation F1B navtex broadcast Message log Stores last 200 message (every channel)

Saves up to 50 messages (every channel) stores messages up to 70 hours

External interface 2 serial ports (printer, INS)

Operating temperature -15° to 55°C Storage temperature -25° to 75°C Waterproof IPX2

DIMENSIONS NCR-333 display dim

NCR-333 power supply DC dim

NCR-333 antenna dim

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