Product Code : HUB-3000
Brand : FURUNO
Location : DUBAI
Product Type : HUB-3000
Model : FMD-3200
Product Condition : New
Intelligent HUB 3000 (For Dual ECDIS Configuration)


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Intelligent HUB 3000 (For Dual ECDIS Configuration)

The Furuno HUB3000 is a multi-cast managed, intelligent switch that receives data from connected devices and then transmits that data directly to the network device for which that data was intended. This makes the HUB3000 a more intelligent and efficient network device than a standard Ethernet network switch. The HUB3000 hardware and software is fully managed and supported by Furuno, allowing for more powerful features and functions as well as updated maintenance and communications protocols via software update.

Standard features include:

  • Intelligent routing capability, allowing for more efficient packet routing in sophisticated gigabit networks
  • “Layer 3” routing and awareness for increased network speed and efficiency
  • AC power capable with power fail alarm output via contact closure
  • Tested to a very high environmental standard and IMO type approved/wheel marked for shipboard use

Our standard warranty period is 12 months from the date of Invoice.
  • Product Weight: 3 kg
  • Product Dimensions(cm): L41/W27/H11
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